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Nayan Mahindra ( )

I had travelled to orchha by opting this bus service. The services are worst and the driver was rude. He was driving very harshly. And this is not a way any service should work. Highly disappointed. Will never recommend this bus service to anyone .

Aastha Mahindra ( )

I travelled from Delhi to Orchha for a wedding and had the worst experience till now. Driver was very rude and the driving was very rash. I will never recommend this bus service to anybody.

Simran ( Employee )

I went to orcha for my friends wedding and had very bad experience in the bus. Driver was rude and do not know how to drive properly . He was driving rashly without thinking about the passengers safety. I will never recommend your this bus service to anybody.

Komal Mittal ( )

I have traveled via your bus to Orchha and have been through a ridiculous experience. The driver drove in a very bad manner and in different senses and after asking him to drive properly he argued. One of the passengers got hurt because of the rash driving and he behaved insanely and made us intentionally late to reach the destination. The same driver delayed our back travel to Delhi and was not apologetic about his behavior. It was a terrible experience with your services. I definitely would never recommend anyone.

Sherry G ( )

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